MAD MAV “The Fiddler Queen”

”The Fiddler Queen”
I honestly thought this band was called Mad Max because that would have been cool. But I guess that that has to wait for another day. MAD MAV sounds like the nick name of some angry housewife waiting for her hubby to come home. This is heavy metal with a symphonic touch to it. I don’t know how smart it is to release a 60 minute instrumental album but that is what MAD MAV has done. I do miss the vocals. This would have so much greater had there been vocals but it is still a rather cool release. With no vocals to guide you you gotta use your imagination to guide you. With no vocals you can paint whatever pictures you want. And that is a pretty cool notion. Using your imagination to take you wherever you want to go. I ended up in some grand salon in St Petersburg, Russia. I don’t know where it will take you. Anders Ekdahl

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