Mad Max – “Another Night Of Passion”

Mad Max – “Another Night Of Passion” (Steamhammer/SPV)

Another amazingly resurrection – this time from famed 80s Christian melodic metal band, Mad Max, from Germany. As I remember, they were on the verge of success but never got a shot to make it to the US owing to some label FUBAR – but hey, that’s rock n roll! 25 years on, they’re trying to give it another go, and damn fine effort it is too! Just noting the album’s title, it seems to be take from their 1987 “Night Of Passion” album, and that’s pretty much where anthemic songs like ‘Rocklahoma’ and ‘Back And Alive’ are still at – LOL, did these guys skip the 90s!? Power melodies laced with harmony choruses and driven by heaps of purebred rock riffs courtesy of Michael Voss and Juergen Breforth’s guitar work especially on the closing instrumental of ‘True Blue’. Having talented producer / musician Voss still in the band has made all the difference: from his superb classic rock vocals which aren’t a million miles from Stryper’s Michael Sweet (if thankfully without the latter’s religious fervour!), to his superb songwriting and generally giving the band a contemporary sound while sticking to that original formula. The return of Mad Max is to be heralded, that this album is graced with all the hallmarks of that glorious time is nothing short of a miracle!

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