Magic Kingdom – “Savage Requiem”


Magic Kingdom – “Savage Requiem” (AFM Records)

If neo classical speed metal is your thing then look no further than the genius of Dushan Petrossi! Famed for his work also in Iron Mask, which mixes hard rock with the classics, Magic Kingdom is the full steed in all its symphonic, epic glory. Centered around the excellent virtuoso guitar playing of Petrossi, expect beautiful and daring melodies alongside fast, dueling riffs backed by the galloping rhythms of Vassili Moltchanov’s bass and the stampeding drums of Michael Brush. When at their fastest, Petrossi’s solos are so shredding I actually wonder if his guitar must be smoking, such is the burning energy that comes from the 10 songs on this 4th album. Vocally, Christian Palin’s (ex-Adagio) perfect performance matches that of Petrossi in being also classically driven in its clean n high range, along with a touch of the operatic that when backed by the orchestral arrangements gives a real air of sophistication to songs like ‘Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands’, ‘With Fire And Sword’ and ‘Rivals Forever’. With the label and personnel problems that beset their prior releases now behind the band, I’d be expecting to hear a lot more frequently now from Magic Kingdom as Dushan Petrossi’s guitar work – which can be compared to greats like Ulrich Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Romeo – has been too long in the dark to bear!

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