Magister Dixit – “Maze of Thousand Ways”

Magister Dixit – “Maze of Thousand Ways” (PRC Music)

Cacophonous furor from Canada! One of Quebec’s very first black metal bands to emerge in the late 90’s, Magister Dixit is back with a vengeance after 6 years! Still with founder guitarist/ vocalist / keyboardist W Solstice at their hateful helm, these guys take it straight like it was back then: no nonsense black metal played at mach 3 with searing levels of brutality. Heavily influenced by the likes of old Emperor and Abigor, songs like ‘Blizzard King’, ‘ Sinister World Of Dementia’ and ‘L’Héritier du Mal’ are an impenetrable wall of noise created by evil hyper speed black riffing, screeching banshee vocals and blast beat drumming. However, look deeper (if you dare) and W Solstice has also crafted some excellent keyboard harmonies that are almost classical keeping in line with their Latin name and every now and then the guitars drop in the odd -dare I say it – In Flames melody! Magister Dixit certainly play quality old school black metal but with line up problems hampering the band in the past it remains to see how long the devil will grant this version its stay on Earth.

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