Magnum – “Evolution”

Magnum – “Evolution” (Steamhammer / SPV)

No, don’t worry, Britain’s famed pomp rockers haven’t gone rap – but it’s not exactly a new album either! “Evolution” is a collection of re-recorded and re-mixed tracks from the band’s SPV releases harking back to 2002. I’m not sure why messrs Clarkin & co opted to do this but I guess being Magnum they’ve tried to offer something different than the standard compilation? So on ‘Brand New Morning’ you have re-recorded bass, guitar & some vocals remixed, on ‘Out Of The Shadows’ (from “Princess Alice & The Broken Arrow”) re-recorded drums, bass and guitar, and a completely re-recorded version of ‘The Fall’ and so forth. Magnum collectors will need little incentive to lap this up, and it will no doubt appeal to anyone curious about the band but with a limited budget to plough into the band’s 40 year career.

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