MAHOGANY HEAD GRENADE “Return To The Point Of Departure”

”Return To The Point Of Departure”
I want to call this band for Mahogany Head Rush. Why I don’t know but the name is MAHOGANY HEAD GRENADE. I’ll never stop loving getting sent CDs in the mail. I don’t care what kind of metal band it is as long as I can get it on CD. And when it comes in a digipak, well then I’m as close to heaven as I’ll get. What about the music, you might wonder? Who cares? I got it on CD. Oh, yet another instrumental metal album that has found its way to me. I’m slowly but surely getting my head around this whole thing with instrumental metal. This one is quite heavy and made me think prog metal for a while. And while that may be true there is also a jazzy element to this in a Steve Vai kinda way. MAHOGANY HEASD GRENADE seems to have their feet in more than one genre. A move that leaves us with an album that is really cool. Anders Ekdahl

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