“The Blood Dance”
(Concreto/Personal Records)
I love doom metal. There is something so appealing to it that I can’t ward of all the emotions that come rushing towards me when I’m subjected to a really good doom album. It triggers emotions in me that I usually don’t weather out. It is almost cathartic in a cleansing way listening to sad and sorrowful music. I love My Dying Bride. Have done so ever since that first demo back in the stone ages. That they have influenced generations of bands is just an added bonus. Majestic Downfall has that same melancholic touch that I like so much. This is depressive bordering on the suicidal, but oh so wonderful. Why would I want to kill myself and miss out on all the great melancholic metal that is out there ready to be picked. Majestic Downfall is a new favourite. Anders Ekdahl

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