If you are going to fall you might as well do it in grand style. A MAJESTIC DOWNFALL is the way to go. Why go down silently? And with a band name like that they better deliver musically or the name will be totally wasted on something crappy. From Zombiefication’s old school Swedeath to the doom of MAJESTIC DOWNFALL the journey might seem far but not for Mr. Jacko. This guy seem to move effortlessly between genres. The truth be told this is as hard as Zombiefication, just in a whole different genre of metal. Think old My Dying Bride and you get a pretty good idea of where to find this musically. This is death doom the way it used to (should) be played. This is some pretty cool doom death that gets two thumps up from me. I like this kind of slow melancholic metal. It gets me in a good mood. Anders Ekdahl

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