MAJOR DENIAL ”Duchess Of Sufferings”

”Duchess Of Sufferings”

Battle Helm Rating

I sometime download promo albums and then I forget about them and the band behind them. That was the case with this one. I do not honestly remember where it came from. And that annoys me but I gotta let it go and just concentrate on the music. This Greek band play a sort of progressive metal. I say sort of because there are degrees of how progressive metal can get and this is at the start of that specter. I would say that if you like bands like Symphony X and their likes more than Dream Theater you will like this. There is something nice about this that appeals to me. It doesn’t cut your ears like a razor sharp death metal album. Or punches you in the face like an aggressive thrash metal album. This is more like getting washed by cotton swabs. A feeling you need every now and then to feel whole again. Anders Ekdahl

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