MALACODA “Ritualis Aeterna”

“Ritualis Aeterna”

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I don’t get enough releases sent to me from Canadian bands. Which is a shame as I always enjoy what I hear from this vast country of ice hockey. MALACODA was a strange beast all the way up till I started to listen to it. Judging by the cover artwork I expected this to be a death/goth release but it is so much more. It still has those elements to it but with the added twist of power metal. What I like about this is how they have managed to weave together different styles of metal. They have managed to create an album that makes me think of both this and that when I listen to it. And that is much better than an album that just passes me by. With this one I have to be there not to miss anything. It is a bitch when you have to rewind because you missed out on a cool piece. Anders Ekdahl

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