Malefice – “Awaken the Tides”

“Awaken the Tides”
(Metal Blade)

F–kin’ ell, I better be careful wot I say, this lot are just down the road from me LOL! But I guess they’ve done the job for me by saying ‘… Britain is an isle that has long been steeped in heavy metal heritage but when was the last time it produced an act that showed the genuine potential to bother the biggest names in world metal?..’. Too bloody right. Step in Malefice with chopping drumming, whirring dervish guitars and brutal aggro core vocals and just way lay into you like a drunk on a Fri nite in Reading ;-)! Truth be told, from songs like ‘Baying for Blood’, ‘The Day the Sky Fell’ and ‘Flood of Red’ is that they remind me heavily of At The Gates, which is no bad thing, cos they do what they do well and have added in a touch of Lamb Of God to create just the right form of extreme metal that goes down a storm in the pit – so let’s hear it for Malefice metal for the festival!

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