Malefice – “Entities – Anniversary Edition”

Malefice – “Entities – Anniversary Edition” (Transcend Music)

This is the 5th year anniversary since the issue of this debut, and to commemorate it, this Brit metalcore crew have decided to re-master it as well as add in a bonus track ‘Reasons Lost’. To be frank, I’d question the sense in re-issuing an album so soon but the re-master is to be commended, adding clarity and a bigger sound (as if the band needed one) to songs like ‘As Skies Turn Black’ and ‘Horizon Burns’. Dale Butler’s voice sounds even more hoarser than before and Craig Thomas’s drums sound like he’s really hitting them in front of you! Best of all though, are those strong Gothenburg influenced guitar melodies, which really resonate atmospherically to bring a ‘live’ feel to this album. If you are new to Malefice then deffo check this out. Fans need no prompting!

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