MALET GRACE ”Malsanity”


Battle Helm Rating

Whenever I see bands like Megadeth, Metal Church, Fates Warning or Queensrÿche mentioned in the same sentence I sit up and take extra notice because that are a hell of a combo of great metal bands. If MALET GRACE even touches on the greatness of these bands I will be in for a hell of a metal ride. The first thing I noticed was that the music is massive but the vocals do lack the same edge. Not that it is a bad vocalist but the music would have benefitted even more with a vocalist like Geoff Tate or Mike Howe. But that is just a minor glitch in what is otherwise a really cool piece of metal album. so if you like the stuff of Fates Warning or Queensrÿche mixed with the edge of Metal Church or Megadeth you will like this too. Anders Ekdahl

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