MALICHOR “Nightmares And Abominations”

” Nightmares and Abominations”
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

Battle Helm Rating

Ever since I heard Hellhammer and in the extension Bathory’s “The Return” I have had a thing for basic, raw extreme metal. There is something charming about a band that just thrashes away like there is no tomorrow. So hearing this album by Australian MALICHOR is like a cleansing bath to get rid of all the toxic waste in everyday life. This is my kinda colonic treatment. A pure thrash bash to cleanse my sphere of all shitty gritty bullshit. If you have issues with bands that get too technical for their own sake then this is your kind of extreme metal. A pure blackish thrash metal assault. This is the kinda album you just put on and then let the music do the talking. Anders Ekdahl

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