“Forever In Chaos”
(Forbidden Records)
Who the hell programmed the drum machine? That can’t be real drums. Whoever he is he should be stood before a firing squad. Never have I heard a more annoying drum sound than on “Forever In Chaos”. It completely ruins the sound. It makes Mayhem’s “Pure Fucking Armageddon” demo sound like a sound engineer’s wet dream. Underneath that annoying sound I can hear traces of what could have been a cool death metal album in the veins of Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation. Now it sounds like it’s made of paper thin sheets of metal. Instead of being big and fat it is small and annoying. That anybody feels that this is good enough to release on CD is beyond my comprehension. Do they think we are that thick that we accept anything just because it is supposed to be true. What a shame of something that could have been marvellous with the right sound. I still like the music but the sound is, I am sorry to say, too bad for anything good to come out of it. Anders

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