MALKAVIAN ”Annihilating the Shades”

”Annihilating the Shades”
(Finisterian Dead End)

Battle Helm Rating

I LOVE French metal bands. So it wasn’t an option to not review this album by a for me new French lot. This promises to be metal as fuck and heavier than a rhino in heat. That alone wets my appetite. And with the track record I have with French metal this could very well be this week’s high light. This is thrash. THIS IS THRASH! From the very go I knew that this was going to get my blood pumping. This is the kinda thrash that pummels you into a pulp in seconds. You gotta be brain dead not to like this. Thrash that has that aggressive edge that makes it cut through steel is an all time fave with me. There is so much energy in it that it feeds you for a whole month. This was the high light of the week. Anders Ekdahl

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