MALKUTH “Voodoo”

(Obskure Chaos Distro)

Battle Helm Rating

Man, this band started in 1993 and have since then released numerous of albums yet this is my first meeting with the band (As far as I remember). It was really time for me to do so now. This is the 7th full length album since 1998. I don’t really like to start this late with a band because I don’t have any clues as to what they sounded like on that debut and how it compares to how they sound today but since there is nothing to do about it I’ll have to do with what I got. This Brazilian band play a sort of black metal that to my ears is very Brazilian (South American). I don’t like to state the obvious, but I do hear some early Sepultura in the sound but dressed in a black metal gown. As I sit here listening to this I find myself liking it a lot even though I cannot really name any bands that it reminds me of, even though it all sound so familiar. But this is a really cool black metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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