MaLokai – “Heart Beats”

MaLokai – “Heart Beats” EP (Nameless/Faceless Records)

Punk pop babaay! This enigmatically named, not to mentioned crewed 5 piece (including a Bolivian, American and Welshman LOL), may not melt your faces off, but they’re sure crooners judging by the straight from the heart songs on this EP tactically released on Valentine’s day! Emo cum white boy rapper vocals, heaps of melodic guitar work and an upbeat rhythm deliver some fine catchy songs like ‘Price Tag’, ‘What’s Inside’ and ‘Young And Dumb?’ that will undoubtedly appeal to teenage angst the world over, albeit with a positive, optimistic spirit. Now you don’t need to cry your hearts all alone, cos MaLokai are there with you, and showing you a light at the end of the tunnel.

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