“The 39th Spirit”
(Via Nocturna)

Battle Helm Rating

When checking out this release I came upon a French Malphas that released an EP in 2010 called “The 39th Spirit”. I am totally confused now. This MALPHAS I am reviewing now hails from the US. This is supposed to be melodic death metal. As I listen to this I realize that I have kinda lost touch with what is melodic death metal. I need to overdose on it to get my bearings straight again. Unfortunately I don’t get too many melodic death metal releases sent to me these days. So when one comes along it takes me a while to get my head straight. This is not super duper melodic. I don’t even know if it is totally death metal. I can hear traces of regular heavy metal in the sound. Not that I am complaining. What I hear I like. Make no mistake of that. This is a stable piece of metal. Anders Ekdahl

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