Mammoth Grinder – “Cosmic Crypt”

Mammoth Grinder – “Cosmic Crypt” (Relapse Records)

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With a cover by the legendary Joe Petagno (Motorhead, Autopsy, Angelcorpse, Pink Floyd), Texas death crust punkers Mammoth Grinder are definitely weighing in to be successors of the legendary Motorhead in their own festering pond! A vicious power trio made up of Chris Ulsh (Power Trip), guitarist Mark Bronzino (Iron Reagan) and drummer Ryan Parrish (Darkest Hour), prepare yourself for a barrage of roaring guttural vocals, dirty strummed bass a la Lemmy, colossal death grind riffs and primordial pounding drums that could sound in the next ice age. Since forming over a decade ago, Mammoth Grinder have released 3 blistering full lengths and numerous splits and EPs – each infected by their primitive brand of punk afflicated death metal. Recorded in the blissful environs of New Jersey, “Cosmic Crypt” is the band’s 4th assault and doesn’t pull any punches whatsoever, being brutal and dark throughout its 11 monstrous tracks. That said, it’s undeniably stylish and unbelievably catchy and while being self recorded by the band, the engineering team of Arthur Rizk (Sepultura, Inquisition) and Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind have done a superb job on the sound, making this a top notch release befitting its quality Petagno artwork. With a run time of only 30 minutes, the songs literally whizz by even though Mammoth Grinder do use a variety of tempos, but there’s simply no let up in their intensity thanks to the steaming performance on show here, making for a devastating cumulative effect. From Ulsh’s own haunting screams and echoing roars that sent (delightful) shivers down my back to Bronzino’s section 8 guitars that wildly careered from unleashing savage addictive punk noise riffs to wild, insane driller killer solos brought up by Parrish’s relentless barrage, songs like ‘Molotov’, ‘Human Is Obsolete’ and ‘Servant Of The Most High’ get their evil hooks in real quick and keep you there – possessed – for the duration. The worthy stateside street spawn of Kilminster / Clarke / Taylor, Mammoth Grinder unleash extreme hell here on “Cosmic Crypt” that puts mediocrity in the bin where it belongs.  

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