Mammoth Mammoth – “Hell’s Likely”

Mammoth Mammoth – “Hell’s Likely” (Napalm Records)

And Hell followed with them…if one mammoth isn’t enough to trample the masses then try two when you’re chasing mayhem, hunting unicorns and murdering Fuzz lol! Australia’s MM have clearly been taking too much of everything but in doing so have created a lethal concoction of Kyuss, Motorhead and Rose Tattoo with their chugging rock n roll. Bottom heavy bass, stoner riffs and raw rock dawg vocals smelter songs like ‘Demons To Fight’, ‘Bury Me’ and ‘Another Drink’ into the next dimension as they subliminally whisper ‘..I’m a danger to, a danger to…myself..’. Definitely way out there, these Aussies are more awesome than God’s tits!

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