Mammoth Mammoth – “Mammoth Bloody Mammoth”


Mammoth Mammoth – “Mammoth Bloody Mammoth” EP (Napalm Records)

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Bloody hell, my head’s only just recovered from the stoner insanity of “Volume IV – Hammered Again” and off we go again for another rockin’ rollacoaster from those bloody Aussies Mammoth Mammoth – yeh, when one mammoth ain’t heavy enough for ya eh? With 2 brand new sickies in the form of ‘Taste Your Blood’ and ‘Drugs’ (straight to the point right guys) expect more of the same in Mikey Tucker’s burnt out vocals and Cuz’s wasted raw meets fuzz guitar topped off by the hard street beat rhythm of Bell & Bones (not a whiskey I might add). Think deranged hippies from Botany Bay and you’ll be close to what these Melburnians produce in mixing AC/DC with the likes of Monster Magnet! Additionally covering the MC5`s raucous ‘Kick Out The Jams‘ only serves to reinforce their already riotous reputation especially on the live circuit where they’ve been banned after leaving a trail of trashed venues, so they try to get ‘technical’ by offering a psych ‘remaster’ of ‘Dead Sea’ – only to produce yet another mind bending bad trip that would have even the likes of Hawkwind in rehab. That’s bloody Aussies for ya.

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