Mammoth Mammoth – “Mount The Mountain”

Mammoth Mammoth – “Mount The Mountain” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

With a reputation of being a badass bar room brawling band, Mammoth Mammoth have long been kickin’ it in AC/DC’s stride across their native Australia. Whilst countless other bands have also adopted the Young & Young blueprint, when compared to their arena conquering cousins Airbourne, Mammoth Mammoth are more honed to the dark recesses of bars and seedy clubs playing the dirty biker rock that the real Hell’s Angels listen to! As such “Mount The Mountain” is the musical equivalent of a biker run right from Ben Couzens revving guitar to Pete Bell’s growling engine bass and the brawling, stomping drum work of Bones. Topped off by the raw, tripped out vocals of window smashing Mikey Tucker and you’ve got all the rebellious and anarchic ingredients to make this outlaw rock at its best: honest and unpretentious, yet deep in heart and full of freedom loving soul bleeding all over the 11 tracks making up this 4th album. From the wild, warbling mayhem of ‘Kickin’ My Dog‘ it’s like Motorhead meets AC/DC with Bon Scott’s ghost stirring up s–t to the dirty fuzz rock trip of ‘Spellbound’ with it’s monster groove and Tucker wailing insanely like he was on bad acid, the songs are a solid reflection of the band’s live show, intentionally I would say, given that Mammoth Mammoth live up to their name of being a heavy touring band who indeed, live for the road and venue destruction. Still, it’s not as if even these hombres don’t need some recovery time after getting leathered and ‘Cold Liqour’ tells of the morning after with its reverb drenched blues guitar and Bone’s drums thudding like multiple hangovers as Tucker tells the woeful tale before the tempo shifts into a boogie frenzy towards the end. Not exactly winning awards for technicality and probably not intending to do so either, Mammoth Mammoth stick to giving the listener what they want be it at home or on the live front and do so appealingly – I just wonder if Kylie Minogue’s heard their cover of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’!!!!

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