Mammoth Mammoth – “Volume IV – Hammered Again”


Mammoth Mammoth – “Volume IV – Hammered Again” (Napalm Records)

‘…I eat angel dust for breakfast, and then I knock away the jack..’, raucous Aussie bar room biker rock from Melbourne’s finest – so much so in fact that they’ve already been banned from two venues after drunken, drawling vocalist Mikey Tucker smashed his head through the main window and then carried on singing caking the shoe gazing crowd in blood har har! Strewth, it doesn’t get any more Aussie than this with Bon Scott era AC/DC meeting Motorhead and Black Sabbath from a band looking like dirty, greasy, crazed hippy rockers. Thankfully, that’s also the way they sound from Cuz’s fat hog meister guitars breathin’ feedback and alcohol fueled spirit soloing to Pete Bell’s warthog bass and some virgin tight drumming given a good pounding by Bones. The production on this album is amazingly amazing and actually what makes ‘Hammered..’ live up to its name with an all around massive sound comin at ya like one of them 200 tonne road trains on chugging songs like ‘Life’s A Bitch’, ‘Lookin’ Down The Barrel‘ and ‘Fuel Injected‘. Mammoth Mammoth are aptly named holding back nothing to deliver in force with no disappointments – they just give it all to ya like Bon did. More awesome than God’s tits, the cover sez it all really – some sun kissed Bondi babe puffing on a big, fat one – as the band step up to the bar for their next round of debauched, nihilistic, rabble rousing!

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