Mammoth Storm – “Fornjot”


Mammoth Storm – “Fornjot” (Napalm Records)

The brainchild of Daniel Arvidsson, who plays rhythm guitar in goth doom band Draconian, Mammoth Storm instead takes a step into the bleak Swedish winter with its plodding doom drone noise that could be as heavy as its namesake mammal! Now switching to bass and taking on vocal duties, Arvidsson’s Mammoth Storm is far more primordial from his distant clifftop vocals that strain to pierce through smog noise to some absolutely massive guitars complemented by Christer Ström, who occasionally chucks in some brilliant metallic clanging melodies. In fact, most of the time its difficult to tell the bass and guitar apart given the heaps of crushing fuzz and drone! With Emil Ahlman’s smashing drums doing little to calm the storm, it’s left to the more trippy, ambient passages to prevent sensory overload but the overall effect is still as mind numbing on gargantuan tracks like ‘Sumerian Cry’, ‘Horns Of Jura’ and the climatic ‘Hekla’. Listening to Mammoth Storm is like an epic quest into the wild, being both luring in its adventure but also foreboding in its unknown savagery. I really have to commend Arvidsson’s atmospheric achievement on this stunning debut, drawn from the ancient Norse giant Fornjotr, who was the mythological ruler of Finland, Kvenland and Gotland, as it really takes you out of the comfort zone and well into the next dimension!

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