MAMMÜTH “Outlander”


Battle Helm Rating

Norwegian stoner metal? Trust the Norwegians to do their own thing. Not that I am complaining. I like what the Norwegians has achieved by going their own way. Everything from TNT to 90s black metal to stuff like Atrox. MAMMÜTH is this week’s Norwegian oddball band. But really, they are not that odd once you start listening to it. This is heavy in a stoner fashion but it is also metal enough to appeal to those into a bit more extreme stuff. I would say that you’ll get much more from this if you like metal than if you like stoner. What I like about this is the mix of heaviness and melody. There is a groove that I like. I guess if you like a band like Bombus you might very well like this too. It has that same heaviness. This was another cool surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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