Man The Machetes – “Idiokrati”

Man The Machetes – “Idiokrati” (Indie Recordings)

Screeching punk core from the Arctic Circle! Vokillist Christopher Iversen screams so much it’s like he’s freezin’ his nutz off along with Canuk producer Eric Ratz – bet they both had some fun putting this wee gem together ha ha. Formed in a WWII bunker in their hometown of Trondheim in Norway, Man The Machetes are an intense mixture of punk noise, RATM, screamo and believe it or not, a hint of melody a la Billy Talent on songs like ‘Neo-Cowboy’, ‘Sluk Det Rått’ and ‘Sudan’! In a matter of just two years, they’ve gone from playing small clubs to festivals like Pstereo and Hove in their homeland, being awarded Ukas Urørt by the Norwegian radio broadcasters and warming up for bands like Gallows and Kvelertak. Still, the songs on “Idiokrati” make them perfect for the US or UK where their equally in your face live shows will no doubt be riotous acts!

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