Manegarm – “Legions Of The North”

Manegarm – “Legions Of The North” (Napalm Records)

Named after the mythical Swedish ‘moon hound’, these guys have been going since the mid 90s when they first began as a black metal band before incorporating increasing amounts of Norse lyrics and folk melodies until becoming the pagan Viking metal band they are today. There’s still slight hint of their past with the occasional use of blast beats and screeching vox but for the main songs like ‘Hordes Of Hel’, ‘Forged In Fire’ and ‘Sons Of War’ reflect the roaring voice of Erik Grawsiö and most of all, the powerfully passionate Norse melodies from Markus Andé and Jonas Almkvist’s guitars. But Manegarm’s hidden talent has to be their folk hymn harmonies from the delicate acoustic of ‘Vigverk’ and the dual femme vocal of ‘Raadh’ – both stunningly beautiful pieces that I was really not expecting and yet bring an incredible atmosphere to this 7th album from the band, definitely proving we need to hear more from them.

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