Manowar – “The Lord Of Steel Live”

Manowar – “The Lord Of Steel Live” EP (Magic Circle Entertainment)

After a 5 year wait, the metal gods known as Manowar returned last year with their album “Lord Of Steel”. With it the band came full circle from the return of original drummer Donny Hamzik after 26 years to their sound veering away from the epic style back to the band’s early meat n potatoes shake it with steel groove. Now that takes balls. Even more so when you consider they have fans in over 40 countries and how fanatical they are. Well the proving ground was last year’s World Tour and if you didn’t make it to one of those dates then this EP is proof positive that a new era in Manowar has opened! Recorded across 6 European dates, it’s more the case of trying to work out which crowd is loudest as Karl Logan cranks out the evil riffs to ‘Thunder In The Sky’ and Hamzik redeems his past with his pounding double drums! With ‘Expendable’ bringing in a bit of sass that’s been amiss since “Battle Hymns” it’s back to Logan as he churns a heavy dirty sound out for ‘Hail, Kill And Die’ as Eric Adams shows us that his vocals are still one of the finest in metal leading thousands in a chant of ‘Manowarriors’ – ‘…heavy metal we believe, if you don’t like it fuckin leave..’. Manowar are back so fuck the world and death to false metal!

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