Manowar – “Warriors Of The World”

Manowar – “Warriors Of The World” 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition (Magic Circle Entertainment)

Manowar have and continue to remain one of the most enigmatic bands in the world. Even within the world of metal they are something of a rogue beast, turning their nose at both the herd and the seeming bosom of industry, preferring to trudge the wilderness in spiritual solitude and beholden to none. Whilst nature suggests that any creature on its own is doomed, Manowar have not only survived, but have grown stronger drawing together a fanatical following of elite metal fans who treat the band’s independently funded tours with almost religious reverence and the camaraderie of an extended family. More than that, I would say that Manowar embody what is quintessentially American – independent, freedom spirited and with a deep patriotism that outsiders see as almost theatrical. In many ways “Warriors Of The World” typifies this, mixing the band’s own metal from its hammering opener ‘Call To Arms’ (which itself was inspired by Wagner) to the opera of ‘Nessun Dorma’ to the band’s tribute to Elvis in Mickey Newbury’s ‘An American Tribute’. Originally released in 2002, “Warriors Of The World” represented a turning point in the band’s career and hence its choice for commemoration and remastering at the plucky hands of the man himself, founder bassist Joey DeMaio, who still fiercely drives the band to this day. With the remixing done by the equally regarded Ronald Prent, their combined expertise has resulted in a clearer, more expanded sound – not to mention louder! Other than that it’s pretty much the same album although now including a bonus live track in “House Of Death” recorded during the Battle Hymns MMXI 2011 Tour at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. Sound purists will love this as will any die hard fan (are there any other? Ed) although the rest of the world will go on wondering what it is that makes the phenomenon known as Manowar so special.

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