MAPLERUN “Restless”

I’m not even comparing Greek Maplerun with Katatonia because that wouldn’t be fair but that was the first band that came to my mind. Maplerun turned out rockier and actually with very little in common with Katatonia. But the melancholia is there and the feeling of solitude has been caught on tape. If you like the more mellow, rockier moments of Opeth and Katatonia mixed with the sound of Soundgarden/White Zombie then this might be to your liking. A strange combo it may seem but it sure sounds like that to my ears and it works for Maplerun. One thing that is for sure is that Maplerun would have benefitted from a better production; one that would have made more of the emotions in the music. But there is time to correct that in the future. Because a future is something that this band have. Anders Ekdahl

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