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Ever since I got into heavy metal I’ve loved discovering new bands. I’m not one for sticking with a few bands and collect everything they release (even though I do that too). Instead I look for new bands to push me forward. Marasmus are new to me and with that I have no idea what to expect from them. This could be anything from that despicable metalcore to the greatest old school death metal. And while it isn’t old school in any way this is death metal that blast like there is no tomorrow. And while this sounds so familiar, like I’ve heard it a hundred times before, I still feel that there is something to be added to this kind of death metal. Best described this is like if Morbid Angel had turned up the speed notch and just let it rip. I don’t get to hear too much of this today but once I do I find most of it totally enjoyable. And so is this. Anders Ekdahl

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