MARTIRIA “The Eternal Soul”

“The Eternal Soul”
(My Graveyard)
This here is a re-release of an album. Seeing as I missed out on the album in the first place and somebody thought it worthy a re-release I’m glad that I get to hear it the second time around. Along with the album you get a bonus live CD from a 2009 gig featuring Rick Anderson (Warlord). Already there you got your money’s worth. To add sugar to it all, it has all been packaged in a nice digi pak. Not being familiar with MARTIRIA I didn’t know what to expect from them. But this turned out to be epic in the same way that Warlord is epic. And since I’ve loved Warlord ever since I heard them back in the 80s this had the promise of appealing to my taste. If you love early Rhapsody you will most likely feel home listening to this album because it is symphonic/epic in that same vein. Recorded in 2004 this still sounds fresh enough today to appeal to those of you who like me missed out on it the first time around. Anders Ekdahl

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