Martyr – “Circle Of 8”

“Circle Of 8”
(Metal Blade Records)

Another NWOBHM band from the mists of time, in this case Dutch band Martyr. Formed in the early 80s as the sorta equivalent to England’s Savage or Grim Reaper, Martyr also combined heaviness with melodies (along with poof hairdos n stripey pants) and played the Eurometal circuit where they enjoyed quite a success, were voted Holland’s best new metal band in Aardschok magazine, and eventually appeared on Metal Blade’s “Metal Massacre Part 6” compilation – mind you, that was 25 years ago! So what happened in the meantime? Well, the usual tragic story ensued with the band signing to a duff label (Metalloid), trying to adopt a more mainstream sound and the rest literally was history. At the turn of the century, the band reunited to play the HM Maniacs Festival and slowly played more shows including more recently Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air, re-releasing their old material along the way. As such “Circle Of 8” is aptly titled album, returning the band to arguably the label that they shoulda been signed to all those years ago. It’s also a brand new album and their first full blown affair in 26 years! Listening to songs like ‘All Warriors Blood’ and ‘Scene From Hell’ the band have learned their lessons and stuck to their trademark meat n potatoes metal with high end vocals courtesy of ‘Rop’ van Harren (who ironically was Martyr’s original vocalist and replaced long time vocalist Gerard Vergouw), high speed searing guitarwork and a high paced rhythm – the trademark sound of the time! Just to be sure they also offer a re-recorded version of ‘Speed Of Samurai’ and it all works a treat, even if the sound is a classic one, the band themselves sound like they’re fresh off the shelf (must be all those years on the sofa eh guys LOL)!

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