Martyr de Mona – “Impera”


Martyr de Mona – “Impera” (In At The Eye Records/Universal Music)

With three records, a Best British Band of the year award and having supported Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge, these guys are without doubt the band everyone is watching! Mixing rock with prog and metal but without trying too hard to be much of one thing, Martyr de Mona bring it in style with massive riffs and heaps of reverb in modern, prog hinting riffs contrasted by hard hitting drums that certainly get your chest beating, especially when it all comes together in a Helmet style chopping riff wall of noise fest guaranteed to send any die hard headbanger into a fit! Surprisingly the soloing takes a more Alice In Chains groove as do Louis Hale’s almost tripping vocals and the Pearl Jam like melodies, but with the Tool like sonic barrage going on from these Stourbridge (home of Diamond Head – Ed) stalwarts, there’s little room for a kip on intensely but catchy numbers like ‘Nothing Sacred’, ‘Gravity Breaks’ and ‘Reprisal’. A veritable atom smasher of an album, Martyr de Mona were built to destroy arenas with their awesome sound, and “Impera” is the sword by which they will do it with.

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