MARTYRVORE ”Obliteration”

(Deathrune Records)

Battle Helm Rating

There are some band names that sparks a flame in me even though I haven’t heard a single note of music . MARTYRVORE has a ring to it that invokes a desire in me for this to be some massive death metal assault. I really hope for that as I am in dire need of a good death metal fix. This was exactly the kind of death metal that I had imagined it to be. The murky American kind of death metal that was big in the 90s. The one that bands like Incantation play. And since Incantation is one of my fave US death metal bands this is my kind of band. But as much as this reminds me of US death metal lurks a feeling of there being something more to it too. I also get an old school Swedish death metal feel to this. Whatever. This is still a cool slab of death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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