MASCOT PARADE “Cause And Effect”

“Cause And Effect”
The things I’ve seen written about this Swedish band has them raised to the sky. I wonder if I’ll feel the same when I’ve heard this album. I really need to be whizzed off to a marvelous place after the bloody long winter we’ve had this season. To be honest I had kinda expected this to be more of a light v/s dark album, more of a soft and hard album but this turned out much more metal than I had expected. Sure I can imagine parts of it being Tool-like but I had my heart set on more of an Opeth kind of record, more of a progressive hardrock/metal record. And while there are the nuances of soft turning hard this made me think of a more metal version of Cult Of Luna. But I can see the greatness of this. Slowly but surely the band draws me into their universe with no intention of letting me out again. Anders Ekdahl

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