Mask Of Virtue – “In This World”

Mask Of Virtue – “In This World” (Rising Records)

Prepare yourselves for the Brit trance-core assault of Mask Of Virtue! Raw vocals and crunching riffs ride a magic carpet of electronica that will literally lift you off your seat it’s simply that overwhelming. I haveta confess I’m not a big fan of techno etc so something as blatant as this would normally have gone unnoticed by my hard boiled ears but programmer / sequencer Joe has done a remarkable job of carefully constructing his work into the band’s hardcore sound so songs like ‘The Bridges Will Burn’, ‘Never Coming Home’ and ‘Anger Of Me’ are given an invigorating and fresh appeal. There is some real talent here especially when considering how young Mask Of Virtue are and that they’ve only been going a coupla years – the question is whether the world is open enough to embrace their virtue?

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