“EP 2011”
There is something very strict and disciplined about the lay-out of Masquerader’s 2011 EP. Even though the images are pretty vile there is a clean aesthetics to it all. This contrast between the disciplined and the vile makes for an interesting brain boggle. You don’t really know how to react to it. Something I do know how to react to is the fact that there are only three tracks to this EP. I want more songs. Three is like a cruel taster. Once your appetite is wet it all ends. And an appetite you get after having heard these three tracks. This Taiwanese thrash metal band knows how to serve a well tasting dish. I can hear all the ingredients that I like in my thrash metal soup. I get that same feeling I had when I heard bands like Forced Entry the first time when they came out in the wake of the big Four. That there’s more to thrash than just those four bands. Masquerader proves to me again that thrash can come in all shapes and forms. And I like it that way. Anders Ekdahl

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