MASS BURIAL ”Breeding Plagues”

”Breeding Plagues”
(Immortal Souls Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

As soon as I saw this band’s name I remembered having heard of them before. It took me a while though to remember that I even had their debut album. And that I have listened to it. If you knew me you’d know that I am so far behind on listening that it seems like an overwhelming task. What I couldn’t remember was that this is a Spanish band, a Spanish death metal band. Not that it really makes any difference on the music. This is death metal with an old school feel to it. Death metal like it used to sound when played by Grave and Entombed and Dismember and all those cool 90s death metal bands. Now that all the confusing that my brain caused has settled I can truly enjoy this fine slab of old school death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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