Massgrav – “Still The Kings”

Massgrav – “Still The Kings” (Selfmadegod Records)

Loud, obnoxious crust core from Sweden. What the fuck have they been downing – this trio are like a mental moose let loose in the studio! Frenetic drumming, thrashing speedway riffing and larynx crushing screaming vocals are unleashed on 19 mayhemic tracks like ‘At war with etno’, ‘Ni krustar, dom dör’ and lol – ‘Full fart mot döden’! At times their stuff is more punk reminding me of Discharge with their nihilistic riffs whilst on the more singalong stuff it’s akin to The Misfits. Elsewhere it’s blast beats galore as Massgrav give it their all like it was their last fuck on Earth – total chaos!!!

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