MASSIMO CANFORA “Create Your Own Show”

“Create Your Own Show”
(Ghost Record Label)

Battle Helm Rating

There used to be a time when I knew the names of all the members of all the bands that I listened to. These days I have to be lucky if I remember my own name. It sucks getting older, even though I spiritually don’t feel like a day older than 25. But both bodily and mentally nature tells me that you are approaching 50 fast and inevitably. But I will be metal till the day I die. Biology can’t change that. So it is no wonder that I don’t know who MASSIMO CANFORA is, but I am glad to find out with this album. This is what I would call a guitar instrumental album. kinda like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. Not like Yngwie Malmsteen. This is the kind of album where the guitar does all the singing. And to my surprise I find myself liking this. But then again I have always been a Satriani fan so it is really no big surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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