Massive Assault – “Death Strike”

Massive Assault – “Death Strike” (FDA Rekotz)

Total fuckin death! These Dutchies have been listening to old school Swe-death a la Dismember but also give respect to Florida’s OG crew in Chuck Schuldiner’s Death – can’t really go wrong after that LOL! True to their name, Massive Assault give you the musical equivalent of flammenwerfer, poison gas, fields of barb wire, and panzers treading flesh into bloodied mud – or to the uninitiated, hoarse, guttural vocals, filthy distorted guitars churning out thick, evil post punk riffs and artillery barrage rhythm. I thoroughly enjoyed all 9 tracks on this superb album, my personal faves being the Swe-death opener ‘Driven Towards Death’ or ‘Dismal Life’ which could almost be a worthy successor to Death’s own awesome ‘Pull The Plug’ and the Venom like ‘Aggressive Depression – “Death Strike” sez exactly what it does on the tin – Zyklon fuckin B man.

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