Massive Audio Nerve – “Cancer Vulgaris”

Massive Audio Nerve – “Cancer Vulgaris” (Dead End Exit Records)

Sweden’s Massive Audio Nerve certainly live up to their name. Incorporating custom built guitars and bass with a full scale quarter tone system (i.e. 48 frets), they certainly able to produce new kinds of sounds which you hear on far out songs like ‘Scythe’, ‘Death Song’ and ‘Slumcult’. Led by the equally loud n wild vocalist Tony JJ ( Mnemic, B – Thong, Transport League), their style mixes Djent rhythms with System Of A Down wailings although that’s just a flavor as there are also rough vocals, wailing metal solos and strong grooves reminiscent of White Zombie throughout the songs on this 4th album. What is constant about Massive Audio Nerve though is the catchiness and structure of their material, which is eclectically enticing and yet not so overtly complex as to bore, making this one helluva wild – but enjoyable – ride from start to finish!

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