Massive Wagons – “Welcome To The World”


Massive Wagons – “Welcome To The World” (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

Fee Fi Fo Fum – I smell the blood of an English rock n roll band! Currently rolling across venues and rocking out to this third album via a Pledge campaign comes the hard hitting hard rock of Massive Wagons!! Certainly not an understatement given they are influenced by the hard pub rock of early AC/DC as well as homegrown names like Thunder and legends UFO. Then there’s the live show: moved by seeing Airborne’s energy and commanding stage presence in 2008, this Lancashire quintet set their sights on where they wanted to be – and “Welcome To The World” is their gig! Needless to say, there’s a big stadium sound to this album reflected in the natural mix giving life and plenty of room to the instruments – all played loudly naturally! From the yanked n cranked riffs and devilish solos of Adam Thistlethwaite and Carl ‘Flash’ Cochrane to the heavy stomping beat of Bowz Bouskill on bass and Alex Thistlethwaite – drums and smelly arse (that’s wot it sez here mate) – this is 10 tracks of solid stomping hard rock and no wimping out! Beyond the musicianship the real magic of Massive Wagons has to be in their skillful compositions bringing together catchiness with time honed rock pedigree as sung through Baz Mills soaring rocker vocals, complete with expletives, on ball grabbing numbers like ‘Aeroplane’, the epic sailing after Cap’n Ahab ‘The Day We Fell’, and my personal fave, the rhyming rock out of ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’. Not mere hits mind, but gargantuan stadium shaking anthems with a sound to match, Massive Wagons can already hear you cheering them!

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