”On Fire”
(Lion Music)
MASTERCASTLE seem so familiar that I think I have an album of their standing on shelve somewhere. If my memory serves me right it was much more power metal than it was goth metal even though it is an Italian band. If I remember correctly I liked the previous album by MASTERCASTLE. There was a charm to their heavy metal that set it apart enough for me to remember it. And this new one is no different. This is melodic heavy metal with a strong female voice. If you like bands like Benedictum and Huntress you will like this too. This is pure metal the heavy way. This is the fist in the air metal that Doro promotes. This is to me what heavy metal is about. You got the choruses that you can sing along to. It is not soft or “girly”. This is heavy metal for every boy and girl. Anders Ekdahl

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