Mat Sinner – “Back To The Bullet”

Mat Sinner – “Back To The Bullet” REISSUE (AFM Records)

A legendary German producer, bassist and vocalist, Mat Sinner has been doin’ his thing since the early 80s from Voodoo Circle to Primal Fear. Funnily enough, “Back To The Bullet” is his only solo album in all that time – but what a corker it is! Recorded in 1990, it pretty much takes its inspiration from the best of 80s US stadium and hair rock rolling it all into catchy numbers like ‘Tear Down The Walls’, ‘Down Undercover’ and ‘Crying In Wires’. Chugging rock guitars, wailing solos, Mat’s gravelly voice and plenty of air punching shout outs unashamedly mix with sultry ballads and pretty boy rockers in this out of print gem now remastered by Achim Köhler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM) with bonus tracks, videos, and a completely redesigned cover n booklet!

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