MATTERHORN “Crass Cleaning”

“Crass Cleaning”

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Not so long ago I reviewed an album by Australian Matterhorn. Now it is time for a Swiss one with the same name. Listening to this brings back memories of the first time I heard a Messiah demo back in the 80s. Back then it was exciting to hear a band from Switzerland. Today it isn’t that exotic. Listening to this is sit here wondering what it is that this band is trying to say with their music. What their intentions are. I get a strange feeling when I listen to this. Musically it is some sort of old school thrash metal that sounds like some sort of crude Celtic Frost homage. And I am not saying that with irony in my voice. It is crude. It is just that there is a one Celtic Frost and that can never be duplicated. All attempts are futile. But this is still a cool record. If you take for what it is, an old school thrash metal attack. Anders Ekdahl

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