MATUSHKA “ Mestopolozhenie”

“ Mestopolozhenie”

Battle Helm Rating

If I am not totally off the beaten track MATUSHKA means mother in Russian. I know that Batushka means father. Not that I think it has any sort of bearing on the music of this band. This is just a three track record but it is three long tracks. The first one didn’t really start to come to life until about 7 minutes in, and then not really. This is one of those releases that I have a hard time getting to grips with. I think I have been to subjected to vocals and three minutes tracks to be able to fully understand and enjoy an album like this without being really deprogrammed. This is one of those albums that ends up “nice to have heard” but won’t be returned to unless somebody recommends it or offers a whole new approach to listening to it. Anders Ekdahl

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