MAZIKEEN “The Solace Of Death”

“The Solace Of Death”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Since 2017 this Autralian symphonic death/black metal band have released 9 singles and EPs as well as an album. Prolific or what? And I have managed to miss out on all but the album. I guess that is better than none. You gotta start somewhere, don’t you? When it comes to symphonic I want it to be OTT, no holds. Just full on fleshing out with the good stuff. I don’t feel that MAZIKEEN has gone all out with the symphonic on this album. Not that it is a bad one because of that. This is black metal that is a bit on the chaotic side. There is a lot going on in it that requires your full attention. The more I listen to this the more I like it. There is so much to discover. Anders Ekdahl

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